I'm having a week on my own next week. No work whatsoever. So I was thinking about improving my programming skills doing a little hobby-project.

When working for customers, it would be nice to have a simple bug tracking software. I know there are several on the web, but 1) Many of them are darn ugly, 2) The "pretty" are usually not free.

I'd just like a WELL designed and FREE system. So far I have only found Bugify, but that's not free.

So what I basically want to do the next week, is to create a hosted bug tracking software for myself (and eventually make it a hosted platform later on). It should be used by small companies and developers on their own.

As I need to think which features are needed, I was wondering what you think a bug tracking system should be able to?

I'm thinking:

  • Add users, projects, milestones
  • Assign specific users to a specific project (e.g. if working on several projects, only allow the customer to see THEIR project)
  • Prioritize bugs and assign users to specific bugs.

Remember. This shouldn't be a full-blown bug-tracking software (like JIRA). Just a simple, easy to use for small companies, startups etc.

Please write down some features you'd like and your thoughts!


Most importantly:

  1. Unlimited users
  2. Unlimited storage
  3. Unlimited projects
  4. Cloud enabled

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