I am writing a python script that starts a specific instance that is currently stopped, and I am kind of stumped on how I'd do that. As far as I can understand from the Boto EC2 introduction on launching instances this creates a completely new instance?


Code examples would be very welcome!

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I had completely missed this command in the API

For future reference, this is how to start a stopped instance:

instance = conn.get_all_instances(instance_ids=['instance_id'])
print instance[0].instances[0].start()
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    Looks like get_all_instances() has deprecated functionality and actually returns a list of Reservation objects. So it's more favorable to use: instances=conn.get_only_instances(instance_ids=['instance_id']) So that you can then: instances[0].start()
    – joeymink
    Feb 21, 2014 at 16:54

You can now start multiple instances in one start_instances call, e.g.:

conn.start_instances(instance_ids=['instance_id_1', 'instance_id_2',])

See http://boto.cloudhackers.com/en/latest/ref/ec2.html#boto.ec2.connection.EC2Connection.start_instances

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