How can I compact the folllowing Makefile targets?

$(GRAPHDIR)/Complex.png: $(GRAPHDIR)/Complex.dot
        dot $(GRAPHDIR)/Complex.dot -Tpng -o $(GRAPHDIR)/Complex.png

$(GRAPHDIR)/Simple.png: $(GRAPHDIR)/Simple.dot
        dot $(GRAPHDIR)/Simple.dot -Tpng -o $(GRAPHDIR)/Simple.png

$(GRAPHDIR)/IFileReader.png: $(GRAPHDIR)/IFileReader.dot
        dot $(GRAPHDIR)/IFileReader.dot -Tpng -o $(GRAPHDIR)/IFileReader.png

$(GRAPHDIR)/McCabe-linear.png: $(GRAPHDIR)/McCabe-linear.dot
        dot $(GRAPHDIR)/McCabe-linear.dot -Tpng -o $(GRAPHDIR)/McCabe-linear.png

graphs: $(GRAPHDIR)/Complex.png $(GRAPHDIR)/Simple.png $(GRAPHDIR)/IFileReader.png $(GRAPHDIR)/McCabe-linear.png


Using GNU Make 3.81.


The concept is called pattern rules. You can read about it in GNU make manual.

$(GRAPHDIR)/%.png: $(GRAPHDIR)/%.dot
        dot $< -Tpng -o $@

graphs: $(patsubst %,$(GRAPHDIR)/%.png, Complex Simple IFileReader McCabe)\

or just

%.png: %.dot
        dot $< -Tpng -o $@

graphs: $(patsubst %,$(GRAPHDIR)/%.png, Complex Simple IFileReader McCabe)

Advanced stuff: it is funny to notice that there's a repetition up there...


$(PNG_pattern): $(GRAPHDIR)/%.dot
        dot $< -Tpng -o $@

graphs: $(patsubst %,$(PNG_pattern), Complex Simple IFileReader McCabe)
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    How about "%.png: %.dot"? – Beta Oct 28 '09 at 0:06
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    @ Beta , well, dunno. I usually deal with situations where processing is directory-specific, so I just got used to it. :) – P Shved Oct 28 '09 at 0:18

Just in case you actually want to generate a .PNG for every .DOT within current directory:

%.png : %.dot
    dot -Tpng -o $@ $<

all: $(addsuffix .png, $(basename $(wildcard *.dot)))

I came up with this Makefile after reading the answer from @Pavel.

  • Wont basename cut out the GRAPHDIR? – monokrome Apr 20 '14 at 20:12
  • 1
    No: from the docs: "$(basename names…) Extracts all but the suffix of each file name in names. If the file name contains a period, the basename is everything starting up to (and not including) the last period. Periods in the directory part are ignored. If there is no period, the basename is the entire file name. For example, $(basename src/foo.c src-1.0/bar hacks) produces the result ‘src/foo src-1.0/bar hacks’." – Miguel Mar 7 '17 at 8:18

I think you want some pattern rules. Try this out.

TARGETS = $(GRAPHDIR)/Complex.png \  
          $(GRAPHDIR)/Simple.png \ 
          $(GRAPHDIR)/IFileReader.png \

%.png : %.dot
        dot $^ -Tpng -o $@

graphs: $(TARGETS)
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    much more manageable: NAMES:=Complex Simple IFileReader McCabe-linear and then TARGETS:=$(NAMES:%=$(GRAPHDIR)\%.png – underscore_d Sep 13 '15 at 14:40

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