How do i scroll a UITableView down until i see a cell with label "Value" in Calabash/Cucumber. I've been trying to do it using:

      Then I swipe down until I see "Value"

and using:

      Then I scroll down until I see "Value"

but none of them seem to work. Thanks!

The message I get when I try with the above is obviously:

You can implement step definitions for undefined steps with these snippets:

Then(/^I swipe down until I see "(.*?)"$/) do |arg1| pending # express the regexp above with the code you wish you had end


add step definitions

Then /^I scroll to cell with "([^\"]*)" label$/ do |name|
    wait_poll(:until_exists => "label text:'#{name}'", :timeout => 20) do
    scroll("tableView", :down)

to the ProjectName/features/step_definitions/my_first_steps.rb ruby file and In your calabash script add

Then I scroll to cell with "AAA" label

its working fine for me.


Every cucumber framework has a set of predefined steps. Of course, these steps don't cover all the possibilites. If you need additional functionality, you have to define your own steps:

When /^I scroll (up|down) until I see "([^\"]*)"$/ do |direction, something_to_see|
   #implement the step here

I can't help you with the exact implementation (what is "Value"?) but you can find the core functions here

Probably you'll need function

scroll(uiquery, direction)

(where uiquery will be tableView)

If you take this function and element_is_not_hidden you can create a while cycle which will scroll down until you see the "Value".

Maybe something similar to the following (I don't know Calabash but I know Frank a little)

When /^I scroll (up|down) until I see "([^\"]*)"$/ do |direction, something_to_see|
   max_scroll_tries = 10

   [0..max_scroll_tries].each do
      break if element_is_not_hidden("view marked:'#{something_to_see}'")
      scroll("tableView", direction)

   check_element_exists_and_is_visible("view marked:'#{something_to_see}'")

table have rows and sections, based how your code is organized use rows or sections in below code

def scroll_side_panel(text)

scroll_to_cell(:row => 0, :section => 0) # scroll to top of view
sleep 1 # wait for a second

#Scroll to each element and compare text, if there is a match break
each_cell(:animate => false, :post_scroll => 0.2) do |row, sec|
  puts "#{query("tableViewCell indexPath:#{row},#{sec} label", :text)}  #{text}"
  if query("tableViewCell indexPath:#{row},#{sec} label", :text).first==text
puts "table view text found at element number:#{section}"

following should also work

Then(/^I scrolldown until "(.*?)" is visible$/) do |arg1|
  until query("lable text:'#{arg1}'").length > 0
    scroll("tableView", :down)

Call this by following

Then I scrolldown until "XY" is visible

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