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I'm trying to setup the Sphero Unity Plugin from the Unity Asset Store but can't seem to run even the bundled HelloWorld sample on a device. The app will crash as soon it connects to a Sphero. Looking at the debug output the issue seems to be coming from the handleRobotOnline function in RKUNBridge.mm in the Libraries folder, specifically:

RKDeviceMessageEncoder *encoder = [RKDeviceMessageEncoder encodeWithRootObject:notification]; 
receiveDeviceMessageCallback([[encoder stringRepresentation] UTF8String]);

It appears to be an issue with keyedRepresentation. Error is:

[__NSDictionaryM RKJSONRepresentation]: unrecognized selector

I've been attempting to debug it myself but haven't really gotten anywhere.

I'm using iOS 6.0 on a 4th gen ipad, unity v4.1.2, and xcode v4.6. Any suggestions would be fantastic, thanks!


The Sphero Unity Plugin has a post process build script in the Editor directory that you want to use when building to an XCode Project. The error you are experiencing is because of a missing linker flag.



to your build settings in XCode, and the error should go away. You may also have to add -ObjC linker flag.

  • Did the trick, thanks! – user2337381 May 2 '13 at 19:28

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