I have a need to use the IcmpSendEcho2 API command asynchronously using the ApcRoutine callback routine.

A question I have is what would the signature look like for the ApcRoutine callback routine I need to define?

When I call IcmpSendEcho2 what would the third parameter look like?

I have some 15 proxy request to be sent. should I request with IcmpSendEcho2 only once or multiple times.

If I will need to send many IcmpSendEcho2 requests at one time. How will the callback ApcRoutine know which IcmpSendEcho2 call is done. I guess this is where the ApcContext parameter comes into play?

I can't find any example code on MSDN or elsewhere that demonstrates how to use the IcmpSendEcho2 command asynchronously.

int ReplyCame(PVOID param)
 char* szAddr = (char*) param;

 printf("Replay Came for %s......\n", szAddr);

 return 0;

char* szAddr1 = "";
char* szAddr2 = "";

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
 char *SendData = "Data Buffer";
 LPVOID ReplyBuffer;

 HANDLE IcmpHandle = IcmpCreateFile();

 IPAddr addr1 = inet_addr(szAddr1);
 IPAddr addr2 = inet_addr(szAddr2);

 ReplyBuffer = (VOID*) malloc(sizeof(ICMP_ECHO_REPLY) + sizeof(SendData));

 IcmpSendEcho2(IcmpHandle, NULL, (FARPROC)ReplyCame, szAddr1, addr1, 
SendData, sizeof(SendData), NULL, ReplyBuffer, 8*sizeof(ReplyBuffer) + 
sizeof(ICMP_ECHO_REPLY), 1000);
 IcmpSendEcho2(IcmpHandle, NULL, (FARPROC)ReplyCame, szAddr2, addr2, 
SendData, sizeof(SendData), NULL, ReplyBuffer, 8*sizeof(ReplyBuffer) + 
sizeof(ICMP_ECHO_REPLY), 1000);

 SleepEx(5000, TRUE);

 return 0;

Do notice that if you want to use the replyBuffer you need to parse it before with IcmpParseReplies.

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    (1) sizeof(SendData) is 4, should be strlen(SendData); sizeof(ReplyBuffer) is 4, should be the actual allocated length. (2) ReplyCame should be void return. (3) This assumes XP. On Vista, the signature is void ReplyCame(PVOID context, PIO_STATUS_BLOCK pio, DWORD reserved); Jan 12 '14 at 17:17
  • The docs say that asynchronous calls should be done from an "alertable thread" but fails to mention that this is NOT the main thread. Experience shows that hEvent style works better than callback style. Jan 12 '14 at 17:26

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