I am just new CakePhp, i wonder how to call a view in another view.

When I started to run CakePhp the default layout is located in view/layouts/default.ctp.

In default.ctp I called a view name homeview (view/homes/homeview.ctp).

Here is my code:

     echo $this->fetch('homeview'); // this statement here is work

And in the homeview.ctp I called another view named displayphone (view/homes/displayphone.ctp) homeview.ctp

<?php $this->start('homeview'); ?>
    <h1> This is home view </h1>
    <?php echo $this->fetch('displayphone'); // this statement does not work; ?>
<?php $this->end(); ?>


<?php $this->start('displayphone');?>
    <h1> This page display phone </h1>
<?php $this->end(); ?>

Why I can not call displayphone block in homeview ?


As you mentioned,


has created a block by name homeview, Refer this http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/views.html

As far as calling another view inside the view is not possible unless you create an element for that. Element are the common set of HTML which can be used in any view file through out the project. for above purpose create an element by name "displayphone.ctp" in Element folder inside view and then call it like


Hope this will solve your purpose.

  • Thank it is working now. – Mab KaaKoo May 3 '13 at 8:55
  • How to include ctp? Both homeview and displayphone is same directory. i don't need to any changes in place. I don't want to create an element – Chinmay235 Sep 10 '14 at 4:40

Yes you can call a view inside another view(Not good but you can do it).

For example you have view 2 views Views/Users/login.ctp Views/Users/register.ctp

and you want to call register view inside login view.

// File login.ctp
$this->Element('../Users/register.ctp'); // ('..' . DS . 'Users' . DS . 'register.ctp')

This will get register view as an element and work fine.


For that you need to create element which you can include in any view file.


For CakePHP 3, use this

<?= $this->requestAction('/Users/register') ?>

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