I'm developing an asp.net MVC4 site which will accept payment via paypal. Has anyone seen any C# samples for express checkout using NVP because I didn't find the supplied Java or PHP examples that useful?


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Yeah I actually put together a C# library just for this, including a working ASP.NET MVC3 sample site you can use for testing.

You can get the source from here; https://bitbucket.org/jhelmink/paypalexpresscheckoutmvc

Hope that helps!


Yes, I have also published a PayPal Express Checkout SDK, complete with Unit Tests, working examples, Test Harness, and extensive documentation.

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    I tried the above and the official paypal sdk and both failed with 10002 authorization errors. It wasn't until I tried your sample that instructed me to include my merchant ID that I found out why nothing worked before. Thanks!
    – Thomas
    Mar 18, 2017 at 4:01

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