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I have a class A having field of List of class B

class A{

       private String x;
       private String y;
       private List<B> list;

class B{

      private string x1;
      private String y1;

In JSP, I have a form where there is input field for x and y and c:foreach select for B.

My question is that how to make a form so that i can pass a list of objects of type B inside A and send it to the spring controller.

So far i am getting a list with only one element.

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You can use array. example :

<c:forEach items="${a.list}" varStatus="i">
        <td><form:input path="list[${i.index}].x1" type="text" /></td>
        <td><form:input path="list[${i.index}].y1" type="text" /></td>

and for add and delete List rows in jsp i used javascript..

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You are absolutely correct....javascript needs to come into the picture....i did it already......anyways thanks for your reply –  abhijeet May 3 '13 at 12:38

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