I'm working through this tutorial (http://kowsercse.com/2011/09/04/kohana-tutorial-beginners/) and have run into this error message:

Kohana_Exception [ 0 ]: A valid cookie salt is required. Please set Cookie::$salt.

I'm a n00b and don't even know where to look for Cookie::$salt in the app.


You have to provide a salt as you can read in the official documentation

Cookie::$salt = 'foobar';

I can highly recommend the official doc as well as the API browser. When you learn how Kohana works, you will learn first of all the meaning of the error messages and how you can handle them yourself


Find file: bootstrap.php (www\kohana\application).

Paste this:

Cookie::$salt = 'foobar';

That will be fine.


It's not in the bootstrap.php file by default. I've added it to the file, after Kohana::modules and before the routes. and it is working fine now... (copied)

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