In a shell script, I want to download a file from some URL and save it to a specific folder. What is the specific CLI flag I should use to download files to a specific folder with the curl command, or how else do I get that result?

  • simply wrap a curl with 2 extra commands: pushd <path>; curl ...; popd; Feb 25 at 16:49

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I don't think you can give a path to curl, but you can CD to the location, download and CD back.

cd target/path && { curl -O URL ; cd -; }

Or using subshell.

(cd target/path && curl -O URL)

Both ways will only download if path exists. -O keeps remote file name. After download it will return to original location.

If you need to set filename explicitly, you can use small -o option:

curl -o target/path/filename URL
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    I have this command: curl -LOk basename /packages "github.com/ziyaddin/xampp/archive/master.zip". But it says that wrong filename --> basename /packages May 3, 2013 at 16:24
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    You can also use a subshell, like so: (cd target/path; curl -O URL) May 13, 2014 at 18:03
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    What is the difference between the two? The first one cd's into a the directory and downloads the file, then cds out. The second stays in current directory and curls file to specificed location. Second one seems more simple.
    – hzhu
    Mar 8, 2015 at 6:46
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    @HenryZhu In the first one the filename is derived from the name of the file on the server. In the second you are renaming the content you downloaded to a name you provide. Aug 20, 2015 at 0:14
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    I would really like an option to specify a directory, but use the server's filename. It seems like using cd is the best option currently, though it seems slightly inelegant.
    – StockB
    Jun 26, 2017 at 15:56

The --output-dir option is available since curl 7.73.0:

curl --create-dirs -O --output-dir /tmp/receipes https://example.com/pancakes.jpg
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    unfortunately, those options aren't available for Ubuntu since version 7.73.0 is not intended yet for ubuntu :(
    – Zorono
    Nov 21, 2020 at 11:50
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    Although still doesn't work on Ubuntu- curl version is sadly 7.68.0 for 20.04 LTS- I can confirm it works on OSX Monterey, so worthy of an upvote
    – F1Linux
    Apr 10, 2022 at 8:49
  • On Ubuntu Server 20.04 - for curl 7.68.0 exists --create-dirs but does not exist --output-dir Apr 16, 2022 at 14:47
  • works on windows too
    – feelthhis
    Dec 20, 2022 at 15:17
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    it works well on Ubuntu 22.04 with curl 7.81.0
    – Richard
    Feb 22 at 15:50

curl doesn't have an option to that (without also specifying the filename), but wget does. The directory can be relative or absolute. Also, the directory will automatically be created if it doesn't exist.

wget -P relative/dir "$url"

wget -P /absolute/dir "$url"

it works for me:

curl http://centos.mirror.constant.com/8-stream/isos/aarch64/CentOS-Stream-8-aarch64-20210916-boot.iso --output ~/Downloads/centos.iso 


--output allows me to set up the path and the naming of the file and extension file that I want to place.


Use redirection:

This works to drop a curl downloaded file into a specified path:

curl https://download.test.com/test.zip > /tmp/test.zip

Obviously "test.zip" is whatever arbitrary name you want to label the redirected file- could be the same name or a different name.

I actually prefer @oderibas solution, but this will get you around the issue until your distro supports curl version 7.73.0 or later-


For powershell in Windows, you can add relative path + filename to --output flag:

curl -L  http://github.com/GorvGoyl/Notion-Boost-browser-extension/archive/master.zip --output build_firefox/master-repo.zip

here build_firefox is relative folder.


Use wget

wget -P /your/absolut/path "https://jdbc.postgresql.org/download/postgresql-42.3.3.jar"

For Windows, in PowerShell, curl is an alias of the cmdlet Invoke-WebRequest and this syntax works:

curl "url" -OutFile file_name.ext

For instance:

curl "https://airflow.apache.org/docs/apache-airflow/2.2.5/docker-compose.yaml" -OutFile docker-compose.yaml

Source: https://krypted.com/windows-server/its-not-wget-or-curl-its-iwr-in-windows/


Here is an example using Batch to create a safe filename from a URL and save it to a folder named tmp/. I do think it's strange that this isn't an option on the Windows or Linux Curl versions.

@echo off
set url=%1%

for /r %%f in (%url%) do (
    set url=%%~nxf.txt
    curl --create-dirs -L -v -o tmp/%%~nxf.txt %url%

The above Batch file will take a single input, a URL, and create a filename from the url. If no filename is specified it will be saved as tmp/.txt. So it's not all done for you but it gets the job done in Windows.

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