In a shell script, I want to download a file from some URL and save it to a specific folder. What is the specific CLI flag I should use to download files to a specific folder with the curl command, or how else do I get that result?

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I don't think you can give a path to curl, but you can CD to the location, download and CD back.

cd target/path && { curl -O URL ; cd -; }

Or using subshell.

(cd target/path && curl -O URL)

Both ways will only download if path exists. -O keeps remote file name. After download it will return to original location.

If you need to set filename explicitly, you can use small -o option:

curl -o target/path/filename URL
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    I have this command: curl -LOk basename /packages "github.com/ziyaddin/xampp/archive/master.zip". But it says that wrong filename --> basename /packages – Ziyaddin Sadigov May 3 '13 at 16:24
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    You can also use a subshell, like so: (cd target/path; curl -O URL) – Ehtesh Choudhury May 13 '14 at 18:03
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    What is the difference between the two? The first one cd's into a the directory and downloads the file, then cds out. The second stays in current directory and curls file to specificed location. Second one seems more simple. – Henry Zhu Mar 8 '15 at 6:46
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    @HenryZhu In the first one the filename is derived from the name of the file on the server. In the second you are renaming the content you downloaded to a name you provide. – turtlemonvh Aug 20 '15 at 0:14
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    I would really like an option to specify a directory, but use the server's filename. It seems like using cd is the best option currently, though it seems slightly inelegant. – StockB Jun 26 '17 at 15:56

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