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I have a main search page with a find and enquire button.

When I click the enquire button. I open a modaldialog window and allow user to enter his name and I'd and hit submit. I transfer the call to a servlet and query is db. If the response takes longer than 30 sec. I forward the request back to the modal page and resubmit the form.

When I forward the request back to the modal window to resubmit I get a script error. The script error occurs before the form.Submit. Am I doing something wrong in forwarding the request. Back.


File1.jsp: I call File2.jsp on a button click

returnVal= showModalDialog ( "File2.jsp?Name=Jack" , "" , "dialogWidth:650px;dialogHeight:400px" );

In File2.jsp:

<form name="Refresh" action="<%=contextPath%>/Someservlet" id="Refreshing"  method="post" target="result">

I have a name field here with a button to submit set a hidden param request_old ='N'


On submitting the button: In

I get the parameter Call a threadpool executor if request_old ='N' I execute the TPE else I just wait for response Wait for 10 sec for response from db

If response did not come back: I set a param

request_old ='Y' 

and send it back to the calling

 request.getRequestDispatcher("File2.jsp?Name=Jack").forward ( request, response );

So this should resturn the call back to File2.jsp

But somewhere before File2.jsp's form.submit--> I get a script error Object not found

Error: Object expected under url it shows my context path with the servlet name.

What confuses me is whether the showmodal dialog is not able to re-submit, or is there an issue in the servlet calling the jsp?

I have been trying to figure this one for 3 days now. any help appreciated.

Web.xml mapping is correct re-direction happens with a weird script error. I am executing this in IE (using js and servlet)

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Please provide the code you're using and the specific error message so we can better solve your problem. – Rick Viscomi May 4 '13 at 19:55
eddited as requested with more info – Lazyboy2k13 May 5 '13 at 0:39
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RE-wrote the files from scratch to make it works. Issues with one of the supporting js files was the cause.

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