I have a problem with Eclipse, it worked until yesterday, and now when i try to open it, i get this message [ an error has occurred see the log file workspacename.metadata.log] i searched i found some Suggestions like delete some files on .metadata.plugins but not working with me ! so any help

java.vendor=Oracle Corporation
BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=ar_SA
Framework arguments:  -product com.android.ide.eclipse.adt.package.product
Command-line arguments:  -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86 -product

Delete: /YOUR PATH TO WORKSPACE/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources

Update 2018 I do not recommend this answer anymore. I was tested it 2014 and it was working for me for older eclipse IDE at that time. I m not using eclipse anymore for development. I recommended using an android studio for android development. Thank you

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    if someone put -1 to the answer .. its better to say the reason too – Sameera Chathuranga Jun 5 '14 at 10:34
  • It was not enough (at least for me); you need to delete whole ./metadata folder, as mentioned by other answers – YaP Feb 22 at 12:48
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    Deleting .metadata folder will never be good option, if you number of projects and any configurations, all will be lost. – kuhajeyan Mar 9 at 16:55
  • Be ready to loose all projects. My case... – CHEM_Eugene Sep 25 at 14:53

1) You have to delete the folder metadata in your workspace.

2) Start Eclipse as usual - the folder metadata is newly creating by starting Eclipse

If your operation system is Mac OS and you are using version of Java 1.9 this error occurs and eclipse don't start up. So you need to downgrade your java version to 1.8 release until this issue fixed.

You have to delete the folder metadata in your workspace. is the best way to resolved this issue. solved my problem.

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I solved this problem by follow this step:

1-delete metadata folder (workspace) 2-reinstall java JDK 3 re unzip eclipse

I have tried every solution from stackoverflow, youtube even i have reinstalled OS etc. but still it as showing same error.Downgrading JDK 1.9 to JDK 1.8 worked for me.

I got the same error while opening eclipse because of incompatible jdk version with eclipse. I use eclipse eclipse LUNA and i downloaded jdk10.1 version which eclipse luna cannot handle,it can handle only jdk8 or below versions.

Well, my suggestion is you follow the instructions and actually see the log file workspacename.metadata.log. If you already did, attach the relevant stack trace so we can help.

  • oh, i was delete this file !! i try to open eclipse again than i get this message [ cant open myprojectname\lib\jvm.cfg ] !! – Arwa May 5 '13 at 18:38

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