I'm working on a site that displays dates, and is in several languages via i18n. I'm displaying dates with a filter (sometimes I want only the day, only the hour, etc.)

I've read the last paragraph of this: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.2/topics/i18n/, and from what I understand I'm supposed to be able to specify the formats I want in the django.po locale and use them in the template filter ?

It doesn't seem to work though.

 {{ date_start|date:"{% trans "DATE_HOUR_ONLY" %}" }}

With in the django.po for english language:

 msgstr "%P"

This completely blows up though... And using single quotes instead of doubles ({{ date_start|date:"{% trans 'DATE_HOUR_ONLY' %}" }}) doesn't blow up but displays this :

 {% 31Fri, 17 May 2013 00:00:00 -0500a.m.500 'FriAMCDTMay_00-05001368766800R_-0500MayFalse2013' %}

I can't find any concrete example online on how to proceed. Without the filters, the date switches correctly depending on the language, because of how DATE_FORMAT is set in my settings.py

Thanks a lot !

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Well, after a bit of wandering around, this worked:

  {{ date_start|date:_('DATE_WITH_HOUR') }}

Maybe you can try Django formats.py


For example , i have a formats folder in my project, don't forget the "init.py" if you want add a different locale,only need add a folder like 'zh_TW' in the 'en' same level


the formats.py look like


and in my template.html

{ now | date:"SHORT_DATE_FORMAT" }

that can change by your locale, hope the solution will help you :)

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