I have few questions in context of the older row_number (SQL Server 2008) and the newer OFFSET + FETCH (SQL Server 2012) paging mechanism provided by SQL Server 2012.

  1. What are the limitations with row_number()?
  2. Is OFFSET + FETCH an improved replacement for row_number()?
  3. Are there any use-cases which could only be sufficed using one and not the other?
  4. Are there any performance differences between the two? If yes, which one is recommended?



Using ROW_NUMBER() works fine - it's just more work than necessary; you need to write a "skeleton" CTE around your actual query, add the ROW_NUMBER() column to your output set, and then filter on that.

Using the new OFFSET / FETCH is simpler - and yes, it's also better for performance, as these two links can show you:

So overall: if you're using SQL Server 2012 - then you should definitely use OFFSET/FETCH rather than ROW_NUMBER() for paging

  • This look quite honest, but I wonder how can I force EF use ofsets with 2012 sql server? – Johnny_D Nov 1 '13 at 11:01
  • I have several reasons to not agree with your conclusion, it is not as straightforward as you put it: The first link you mention does not do any performance comparison: I’m not intending to draw any conclusions on this because I am not doing any thorough testing here. The 2nd link does not mention what is the number of rows the test was performed on, and the OFFSET/FETCH approach is susceptible of being poor with large tables (see here mssqlgirl.com/…) – lcfd Sep 26 '18 at 14:15
  • @lcfd: That mssqlgirl article doesn't compare OFFSET/FETCH with ROW_NUMBER: it only compares it with techniques that involve ordering by a known, unique, indexed, consecutive ID field. That's not applicable to many real-world situations. – StriplingWarrior Jan 9 at 18:05

according this article 3 technique of paging compare and result in chart is useful to choose method to paging

Sql Server 2012 Paging Methods

all of paging method in number of small record work fine but when grows number of record after times difference bet ween methods seems directly

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