Is there any way to apply CSS styles to an SSRS rdl file ?

Note: it's not necessary to BIDS, my main goal is to edit the rdl file regardless of the used tool.


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From what I read, an RDL file is written in XML so yes, you can use XSLT to turn it into HTML, to which you can apply CSS.


Well sort of. You can do what Mario suggested but you can't really do that to the RDL as is. You need to CALL IT from a service to HTML and then apply a CSS to that. The RDL File contains definitions but not the report data. So if you changed it for markup you would still have to connect to a database and read the RDL language. As far as I know RDL is a propertiary SSRS langauge that needs a converter to tell it how to display. This is generally the service at http:// (servername)/ReportServer which has the information built in that can translate it. You could not alter this file directly without A LOT of work to transform it as it would then need to know a connection string, how the data was presented.

To do what you want I would think you could do this:

  1. Deploy a report
  2. Call a form to be populated in HTML like:

    <form id="ssrsform" action="http://(servername)/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx(Path)&rs:Command=Render" method="post" target="_self" >
    .....(options and settings)....
  3. Apply a CSS form to the HTML file directly that is calling the webserivce.

IMHO changing a proprietary language file like RDL before it transmits to HTML would be hard as you need to account for the data you get as well as just the connection string.

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