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In my project, I set up the Constant class like this

class Constant {
    public static final String PARA = "para";

    public Integer getPARA () {
        return PARA;

in order to access the constant from the jsp through el

<!-- test.jsp -->
<jsp:useBean id="cons" class="com.test.Constant" scope="session"/>


Now, in my java code, I set an attribute for that constant

request.setAttribute(Constant.PARA, "this is a param");

To access that attribute in the jsp, we could do ${para} but how can I access the attribute value ("this is a param") through that constant variable cons.PARAM ? In short, how can we convert the following code into jstl ?

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Just found out 1 way to do it

<c:set var='param' value="${cons.PARA}" />

<c:out value="${requestScope[param] }" />
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That's the right way to do it. You can do it in one line with <c:out value="${requestScope[cons.PARA]}" /> – JB Nizet May 6 '13 at 7:22
yup, I just figured out as well :D – Thai Tran May 6 '13 at 7:26

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