I want to find client's IP Address when accessing my app..How to find using javascript code..kindly provide help with sample code..I tried wit tis code but m not getting

function getip(json){ alert(json.ip); // alerts the ip address }

You can't using ONLY JavaScript on it's own. You need to use a server side script ans call it using Ajax to perform this task.

For example in PHP script, you can do the following to get the client's ip address:


Next call this script using Ajax and display/use it in your page.


At least there used to be a way using Java to do this, but Javascript alone cannot find a machines IP.

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    Please leave a comment on down vote to indicate the reason ;) Otherwise it does not help ether the one who wrote the answer or any one reading it :D. Also, if there is something wrong with my answer I am happy to delete it. The question asks for a pure Javascript solution client side which is not possible, the "duplicate" requires server side help which is not pure javascript either. – David Mårtensson Jul 29 '13 at 20:05

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