Does any one know why am getting this error ?

Can't locate object method "find_md5" via package "DBM::Deep::Engine::Sector::Scalar" at /u/xref/xref.10/bin/../lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/DBM/Deep/Engine.pm line 1599

Please let me know how to get Rid of this.

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Because $o->find_md5 was called where $o is the string DBM::Deep::Engine::Sector::Scalar or an object of class DBM::Deep::Engine::Sector::Scalar, yet that class doesn't have a method named find_md5.

(DBM::Deep::Engine::Sector::Scalar doesn't even seem to exist in newer version of the DBM::Deep distribution, so upgrading DBM::Deep would be a good start.)


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