below is my query.

alter Proc Rp_ByVehicleNo

@Vehicle_Number nvarchar(50),
@DateFrom datetime,
@DateTo datetime

select Vehicle_Number,Vehicle_Booking_Date,Time_From,Time_To,KM_Start,KM_End,
      SUM(Total) as tot, Vehicle_Used_By,Cost_Code
 from mtblLog_Book
 where     Vehicle_Number=@Vehicle_Number and
    Vehicle_Booking_Date between @DateFrom and @DateTo
 order     BY Vehicle_Booking_Date

showing error

Column 'mtblLog_Book.Vehicle_Number' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.


Your query contains an aggregate function SUM(Total) but isn't included GROUP BY statement. If you need SUM for all table you shouldn't include other field in the select list. Otherwise if you need group by these fields and calculate SUM you should add GROUP BY Vehicle_Number,Vehicle_Booking_Date,Time_From,Time_To,KM_Start,KM_End,Total,Vehicle_Used_By,Cost_Code to your query.

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