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I am running hsqldb 2.2.9 in server mode (separate jvm from grails), every time grails stop-app calls hsql's shutdown sql command.

Can I prevent this behavior? I hope hsqdbkeep running every run-app/stop-app.

When I call stop-app, hsqldb server responses:

[Server@4a13ccea]: [Thread[HSQLDB Server @4a13ccea,5,main]]: handleConnection(Socket[addr=/,port=63260,localport=9001]) entered
[Server@4a13ccea]: [Thread[HSQLDB Server @4a13ccea,5,main]]: handleConnection() exited
[Server@4a13ccea]: [Thread[HSQLDB Connection @afe1bc5,5,HSQLDB Connections @4a13ccea]]: 3:Trying toconnect user 'SA' to DB (glitter)
[Server@4a13ccea]: [Thread[HSQLDB Connection @afe1bc5,5,HSQLDB Connections @4a13ccea]]: 3:Connecteduser 'SA'
[Server@4a13ccea]: 3:SHUTDOWN

Sorry for my poor english..

Regards, Keiji

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It would be better to find a solution in Grails to avoid sending the SHUTDOWN command to the database.

But you can keep the HSQLDB Server alive with the server.remote_open=true property and use a connection property that opens the database if it has been shutdown by Grails.


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Well, you're terminating the process, so yes it will stop hsqldb...

You could also run a separate Hsqldb instance with the appropriate JDBC url set http://hsqldb.org/doc/guide/ch01.html

Hope it helps

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It seems that there is specific code in Grails to call SHUTDOWN only when it uses HSQL. See https://jira.grails.org/browse/GRAILS-2687

Unfortunately they don't check if it is an in-process server or not.

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