I'm trying to use a RestEasy interceptor to validate a JSON object coming over for insertion or updating in a PUT/POST. Given that all I have access to by implementing PreProcessInterceptor is this method:

public ServerResponse preProcess(HttpRequest request, ResourceMethod method) throws Failure, WebApplicationException
    return null;

Is it possible to read the JSON from the request w/o affecting later unmarshalling when my resource gets called?

Also, is possible to do this validation in a more efficient way? It seemed that the interceptor makes for cleaner code by not cluttering my resource w/ a bunch of logic, but it may result in overhead of unmarshalling the JSON twice. I'm open to any suggestions..



The primary usecase for the interceptors are not validation. I would suggest that you either validate your input in your JAX-RS annotated methods, or check out the bean validation integration they provide.

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