I have a query that is read only and returns a large number of entities.

I do not want change tracking or knockout wrapping for this query.

Is there a way to disable?


If you return results as a projection then Breeze will not try to wrap them. So

var q = EntityQuery.from("Customers"); 

will return "wrapped" Customer objects. However if you write

var q = EntityQuery.from("Customers").select( "companyName, address, city")

then Breeze will return an array of anon "unwrapped" objects each with 3 properties ( "companyName", "address" and "city").

I can't really think of another approach, if you really want entire entities but do not want to Breeze to "wrap" them. But... this does seem like a reasonable request, so please add a User Voice feature request for an ability to mark a query as "noTracking". We take these requests seriously.

  • Thanks Jay ... I'll add to uservoice. I saw that projections were not wrapped ... but I'd rather not have to do that .... too much typing. May 8 '13 at 14:23
  • I think you could attach a custom JsonResultsAdapter to the query ... one that removes the type from the node; that will cause Breeze to treat the query results is data of an anonymous type rather than of an EntityType. It's a hack but it should work.
    – Ward
    May 22 '13 at 8:51

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