I'm developing a Django app which has database driven form fields. I've followed this guide which seems to work so far.

I'm using Twitter Bootstrap and would like to split my fields into tabs. What would be the Django way to do this? Should I append the group label to the id of the form fields and somehow do the magic in the template? Should I use multiple forms in the same view (seems complicated)?

The end result HTML wise is to enclose the input fields in the correct div elements with the group's id like so.

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I recently required the very same thing.

After some research, I used django-crispy-forms, which worked quite well. A more detailed instructions about the tabs (and the need of .js file for animation) can be found here, in the 'tabs' section.

  • Could you explain a bit further please? The docs don't mention the template part, among other things missing
    – stelios
    Commented Feb 15, 2018 at 16:10

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