When using pydev, ctrl+f9 opens a convenient window that lets me choose which unit test to run in the current file. Is there a debug version of the same functionality?

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press Ctrl + F9 to initiate unit tests. At the next dialog which allows you to select the test, hold shift when you press enter, this will run it in debug mode.


Best one I've found is press f9, run test then immediately cancel and press f11 which launches last configuration in debug mode

  • After all this time, I could not find something better. I do ctrl+F9 then F11
    – mahonya
    Commented Feb 10, 2014 at 16:12

Tests can also be run in debug mode by: right clicking file -> Debug As -> Python unit-test I have found this to be less finicky that the Ctrl + F9...Shift approach which will runs normally (rather than in debug mode) if shift is held too long or not long enough when selecting tests to run.

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