Before I was following the steps:

  1. Create some metadata:

    id3taggenerator -o 1.id3 -artist "Emma Stone"
    id3taggenerator -o 2.id3 -artist "Patricia Clarkson"
  2. Create a file saying where to place the metadata in the file:

    68 id3 /path/to/file/1.id3
    78 id3 /path/to/file/2.id3
  3. Segment the files and include the metadata

    mediafilesegmenter -f video -M meta.txt video.mp4

More detail:


I want to do something similar to this, but with FFmpeg.

I am also wondering if I could first segment the file into .ts files and add metadata directly to those?

I am having trouble finding the solution on the website. Any help or resources would be great. Thanks!

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You can use -metadata flag

ffmpeg -i maida.mp2 \
  -metadata TITLE='Obelisk' \
  -metadata ALBUM='2003-09-03: Maida Vale, London, UK' \
  -metadata ARTIST='The Mars Volta' \
  -metadata LABEL='' \
  -metadata DATE='2003' \

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