Plone user preferences has 3 tabs: "Personal information", "Personal preferences" and "Password". I want to hide the "Personal preferences" tab because I don't want that the user changes/sees the fields contained within.

I tried this:

Hiding all the fields in the "Personal preferences" tab, as explained in "Hide custom fields on @@personal-information view". But the tab still appears even it is empty.

Any other ways to accomplish this?

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Another option is to go to zmi -> portal_actions -> preferences and uncheck "visible" and finally click save.


Change the CSS.

#personaltools-dashboard {display:none}

Or you can do it with diazo, but I've never played with diazo


Thank you, Auspex, for pointing me to the correct direction.

Finally, I achieved this including a diazo rule into the theme's rules.xml:

<drop css:content="#contentview-user_data-personal-preferences" />

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