I want to make good documentation for my program. Function main receives parameters from command-line: LOGIN, PASSWORD etc(there are 9 parameters).

* Command-line interface.   
* @param args LOGIN - login of user PASSWORD - password, row splitter - symbol after each row in text file
public static void main(String[] args){


But for person who will read html-documentation it's will be not convenient to find decription for every parameter. Is it the better way to make javadoc for each parameter(like @param login, @param password @param rowsplitter)? Thanks.


You could use something like Commons CLI, this make your life easier when documenting the expected input and also when eventually extending the functionality of your program.



Addendum to user1681360's answer: Javadoc is intended for documentation targeted at developers, i.e. users of your classes and interfaces or people wanting to modify them. Documentation of commandline arguments is primarily interesting to the user of the application as a whole, so having it in the javadoc is suboptimal.

Commons CLI (or similar libs) allow you to properly document the argument in a way that it's both easy to read for someone reading your code and - more importantly - easy to read and access by the user of the application. Namely by

  • Providing a --help parameter that describes all options in a format the user is familiar with
  • Providing a --help parameter that always shows the actual set of supported parameters, without you having to actively maintain that documentation
  • Ensuring that your parameter parsing roughly behaves in a way the user is familiar with (meaning you need less documentation)

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