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In my jsp page I have input field and a hyperlink beside the input field. My page 1 JSP looks like this:

<input name="item1" type="text"/> <a: href="page2">Search for item</a>
<input name="item2" type="text"/> <a: href="page2">Search for item</a>

When the user click on one of the link, it will go to page 2 where the user will be presented with a list of item, each of which is a link also. The page 2 jsp looks like this:

   <li><a:href="page1">Item 1</a></li>
   <li><a:href="page2">Item 2</a></li>

When the user click on a link on page 2, let say user click on Item 1, I need to go back to page 1 and put Item 1 in the textbox in page 1 . Which textbox the Item 1 will be put into depend on which link on page 1 the user click. For example, if the user click on the first link in page 1 to go to page2, when the user click the link in page 2, the value of the link that user click will go to the first textbox. How can I accomplish this? I am developing the code in websphere commerce.

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How about the onclick='function(variable);' ? Ain't it gonna work?

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i'll try that. What about putting the value of the link clicked on page 2 into the appropriate textbox in page1? For example if I click on a link in page 1 for item1 I would like to put the value of the link clicked on page 2 to be entered on textbox name item1. – gibot May 9 '13 at 16:52

1) In your MyJSP1.jsp, do this:

String textID = "";
String item = "";

textID = request.getParameter("textID");
item = request.getParameter("item"); 

// Above code is used when you come back from MyJSP2.jsp

// Now do whatever you want with textID and item as it has value received from MyJSP2.jsp.

// pass textID as query parameter and append item as text value.

<input name="item1" type="text" value=<% put if condition and append value %> /> <a: href="page2?textID=item1">Search for item</a>
<input name="item2" type="text" value=<% put if condition and append value %> /> <a: href="page2?textID=item2">Search for item</a>

2) in your MyJSP2.jsp, do this:

String textValue = "";
textValue = request.getParameter("textID");

// Now append the textValue as Query Parameter

   <li><a:href="page1?textID=<%= textValue %>&item=item1">Item 1</a></li>
   <li><a:href="page2?textID=<%= textValue %>&item=item2">Item 2</a></li>

Note: You can change the requirements if you want to but the main logic will remain the same.

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