How do I create a grails war file so that it doesn't have the version number

(e.g. foo-0.1.war)

attached to the end when I execute the 'grails war' command?

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In case anybody comes upon this article and is using Grails 1.3.x, the configuration option has changed from grails.war.destFile in Config.groovy to being grails.project.war.file in BuildConfig.groovy.

Also the file name is relative to the project workspace, so it should have a value like:

grails.project.war.file = "target/${appName}.war"

This is according to the latest Grails documentation.

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    this is also relevant for grails 2.x
    – winna
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I think you can specify the war name in the war command.

grails war foo.war

Also check the latest Grails documentation for where to set this as a configuration option. See the other answers for details.

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    Sidenote: when doing so, by default the WAR file will not be compiled to the target directory as one might expect, but to your project directory. However you can specify the path too, see grails.org/doc/2.2.1/ref/Command%20Line/war.html
    – peterp
    Commented Jul 8, 2013 at 11:59

From the Grails Documentation, Chapter 17, Deployment

There are also many ways in which you can customise the WAR file that is created. For example, you can specify a path (either absolute or relative) to the command that instructs it where to place the file and what name to give it:

grails war /opt/java/tomcat-5.5.24/foobar.war

Alternatively, you can add a line to Config.groovy that changes the default location and filename:

grails.war.destFile = "foobar-prod.war"

Of course, any command line argument that you provide overrides this setting.

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    This is actually the better answer Commented Oct 24, 2008 at 6:35

Rolling up the other excellent answers. There are several options:

Explicitly set it on the command line: grails war foo.war

Set the app.version property to empty in application.properties will cause the war to be named foo.war.

Explicitly set the name of the war using the grails.war.destFile property in Config.groovy


Grails 3.x has switched to gradle and uses the war plugin. You can just specify name like this in the build.gradle file:

war {
    archiveName 'foo.war'

Another way to generate war files without version number is to keep the property, app.version, empty in the application.properties

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I am kind of late to the party... but anyway:

I think the reason behind removing the version number is to eliminate the need to rename the war file so it deploys on "correct" context path /appName. If that's the case then a better option is to use a versioned war filename so you can deploy multiple versions at the same time on tomcat using the following naming pattern in grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy:

grails.project.war.file = "target/${appName}##${appVersion}.war"

As explained in http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/config/context.html#Parallel_deployment

This method applies to wars in general, not only grails' wars.

  • The grails.project.war.file property didn't sem to work for grails 4 Commented Dec 13, 2019 at 17:40
  • Hi @user2782001, Do you find the way now that how to create .war with context path name? for grails 4
    – Asif
    Commented Feb 2, 2021 at 7:22
  • I don't use grails anymore but maybe it works like grails 3. stackoverflow.com/a/39277804/1284183
    – Glushiator
    Commented Feb 4, 2021 at 1:23

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