I have an SSD as my C: with operating system on it etc. Also a large E: with most of my programs/storage on it. I first installed Eclipse on my E: but came across a lot of problems due to Eclipse wanting to look in the C: by default for my ".android" folder. After searching this site I used this workaround to fix these problems such as this which worked:

mklink /J "C:\Users\John Doe.android" "E:\John Doe.android"

I am getting different errors now so have just decided to start from scratch in the C: so hopefully will not have any more problems down the line. So I have deleted all the E: stuff and it now lives on the C:

When I start up Eclipse it still creates the .android folder on my E: and not in the C: like it should be. Is it something to do with that link I created above? Do I have to unlink it somehow now. I deleted the folder but it keeps creating it again. I thought seeing the Eclipse files are now all located on my C: it would create the .android folder on my C: also.

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