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my portal stores the JSESSIONID in a cookie (WebSphere configuration) but when press logout and redirected to the login page, the cookie is still there. This creates the following problematic scenario:

I log in as user 1 then log out and redirected to the login page

then I log in as user 2 I am logged in as user 1 !

and I believe this happens because the previous cookie is still there.

I have already tried to delete the cookie using jQuery but based on my WAS security config, this is not possible to delete it.

So I was wondering there should be a solution for this.

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Are you storing any session data yourself on the server side? This should be a valid use case of WebSphere. JSESSIONID cookie does help track the user session but with WebSphere it's typically LTPA token cookies that identify an authenticated user. Could it also be that your application cached the JSP output for user1 and thus it only looks like you came back as user 1 again? – Nick Roth May 10 '13 at 13:33
Your actual user information should not be in the Http Session, thus not tied to the JSESSIONID. As @NickRoth says, authentication information is typically in another cookie or header. That said, to be extra safe, you certainly can have your logout logic explicitly issue a session.invalidate() – dbreaux Jun 13 '13 at 15:33

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