I'm trying to create a ruby gem for rails out of a plugin I've created. The problem is that my plugin 'shortcuts' uses a few javascript files which need to be in the public/javascripts directory to work.

What's the best way to make these javascript files which are in the gem I've created accessible by which ever project requires my gem?

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Add a rails generator to your gem such that script/generate <yourgem> puts the javascript files in the correct location.

For more information, see the How to Make a Generator Railscast.

As an example, the formtastic gem has a generator that puts its specific stylesheets in the correct location -- similar to your javascript problem.

Another example, nifty-generators is just a gem with useful generators.


You could copy them over by making a postinstall.rb which will be automatically executed after your plugin is installed.

  • He's turning the plugin into a gem. No postinstall. Oct 31, 2009 at 12:45

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