The #line processor directive in C# increases the line number for each line to the end of file or until it reaches another #line processor directive; an auto incremental line number.

That was interesting! For example:

#line 110
    throw new InvalidOperationException();
catch (Exception x) { Console.WriteLine(x); }

Shows that an exception happened at line 111 (Not 110!).

Question: Assume that #line shows a line number different from real line number. For example #line 110 is actually placed at real line number 13. Now is there a way to cancel the functionality of #line and show that an exception happened on actual line 23 (not 120)?

Note: I just want to be sure I am not missing anything (or doing anything stupid).

I am working with Visual Studio 2012 on a .NET 4.5 project.


You're looking for #line default, which reverts back to the natural line numbering.
See the documentation


#line N directive set difference between real line and virtual N line. To restore real line counting use #line default.

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