I want to replace all + symbols in a JavaScript String with a space. Based on this thread Fastest method to replace all instances of a character in a string and this thread How to replace all dots in a string using JavaScript I do:

soql = soql.replace(/+/g, " ");

But that gives:

SyntaxError: invalid quantifier

Any ideas how I do it?


You need to escape the + since it is a special character in regex meaning "one or more of the previous character." There is no previous character in /+/, so the regex does not compile.

soql = soql.replace(/\+/g, " ");
soql = soql.replace(/[+]/g, " ");
  • It might be beneficial to use /\++/g which should help performance a little – Ian May 10 '13 at 15:37

Try escaping the +:

soql = soql.replace(/\+/g, " ");

The + in a regular expression actually means "one or more of the previous expression (or group)". Escaping it tells that you want a literal plus sign ("+").

More information on quantifiers is available if you google it. You might also want to look into the Mastering Regular Expressions book.

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