I'm just starting to work with Git. I would like to use TortoiseMerge as the difftool and mergetool.

In my .gtconfig in my personal user directory I have the following sections. I've removed the user and color sections for this question.

    tool = tortoisemerge
[mergetool "tortoisemerge"]
    cmd = \"TortoiseMerge.exe\" -base:\"$BASE\" -mine:\"$LOCAL\" -theirs:\"$REMOTE\" -merged:\"$MERGED\"
    tool = tortoisemerge
[difftool "tortoisemerge"]
    cmd = \"TortoiseMerge.exe\" -base:\"$BASE\" -mine:\"$LOCAL\" -theirs:\"$REMOTE\" -merged:\"$MERGED\"

If I type tortoisemerge at the Git Bash prompt it loads. It is known to be on the path. But if I type the command I get the following error.

Rich:mygittest (master *)
$ git difftool
error: 'tortoisemerge' can only be used to resolve merges
merge tool candidates: kompare emerge vimdiff
No known merge resolution program available.
external diff died, stopping at readme.txt.
Rich:mygittest (master *)

What am I not understanding to make this work? Tortoisemerge is installed with TortoiseSVN.

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The following settings work fine for me. However, I am using TortoiseGit not TortoiseSVN. Notice the difference in the parameters for diff.

  tool = tortoisediff
  prompt = false
  tool = tortoisemerge
  prompt = false
  keepBackup = false
[difftool "tortoisediff"]
  cmd = \""c:/Program Files/TortoiseGIT/bin/TortoiseGitMerge.exe"\" -mine "$REMOTE" -base "$LOCAL"
[mergetool "tortoisemerge"]
  cmd = \""c:/Program Files/TortoiseGIT/bin/TortoiseGitMerge.exe"\" -base "$BASE" -theirs "$REMOTE" -mine "$LOCAL" -merged "$MERGED"
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    TortoiseMerge has an issue with the way Git mangles the parameters. Because TortoiseMerge uses a colon to separate parameter name from value, Git puts quotes around both when dealing with filenames with spaces. TortoiseGitMerge allows a space and relieves the problem. – Rich Shealer May 11 '13 at 10:14
  • It is msys bash that mangles the quotes. Apparently it should work with tortoise git 1.8 – jwg Sep 12 '13 at 14:10
  • Perforce can't cope with colons either. We should ask TortoiseMerge to add an alternative syntax. – Colonel Panic Aug 15 '14 at 9:13
  • It works for me when having TortoiseSVN which has TortoiseMerge.exe. Yes, diff with TortoiseMerge.exe, not TortoiseIDiff.exe. git difftool calls out TortoiseMerge GUI, very convenient! TortoiseMerge is the best! – WesternGun Nov 30 '17 at 17:09

So that filenames with spaces are handled correctly, you should change the last line of @melbourn's answer to

cmd = \""c:/Program Files/TortoiseGIT/bin/TortoiseGitMerge.exe"\" -base "$BASE" -theirs "$REMOTE" -mine "$LOCAL" -merged "$MERGED"
  • What's the difference? Is it (just) that the colons in the parameters have been replaced by spaces? Should a similar change be made for the difftool? I don't know if it's worth editing the original answer, or whether there is some reason for the colons.. – mwfearnley Aug 27 '14 at 22:33
  • The colons are replaced with spaces. The argument handling code can accept either colons or spaces. But quotes around a filename which has spaces in it will not be handled correctly if the quotes are not at either the start or the end of 'words'. – jwg Aug 31 '14 at 7:05
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    @jwg I have now modified my answer to take your advice into account. Thanks! – Klas Mellbourn Mar 26 '15 at 8:19

Great answer! Saved me a lotta time. One shortcoming is, newly Added or Removed files from the repository will not show up during the difftool command execution. Here's what I did on top of this: (Inspired by my co-worker's answer).

  1. Create a file named empty.empty in $Home directory (C:/home). And as the name suggests, keep it empty.
  2. Create another file named tortoisediff.sh in $Home/bin directory (C:/home/bin) with following content


# $LOCAL $REMOTE seem to be swapped
# $1 is $LOCAL
# $2 is $REMOTE

difftool='/c/Program Files/TortoiseGit/bin/TortoiseGitMerge.exe'

if [ "$1" == "$NULL" ]; then
    echo "Added: " "$2"
    "$difftool" /base:"$empty" /mine:"$2" /readonly:"$empty"
elif [ "$2" == "$NULL" ]; then
    echo 'Removed: ' "$1"
    "$difftool" /base:"$1" /readonly:"$1" /mine:"$empty"
    echo 'Modified' "$2"
    "$difftool" /base:"$1" /basename:"$1" /readonly:"$1" /mine:"$2" /minename:"$2"

# Checkout https://tortoisegit.org/docs/tortoisegitmerge/tme-automation.html for more
  1. Modify your .gitconfig file (Line 11 of the answer)

    cmd = tortoisediff.sh "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE"

This would now make difftool refer to tortoisediff.sh instead of opening the application directly.

  1. Keep in mind: you'd have to run git add . followed by git difftool --staged instead of simply git difftool.

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