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Apparently, you can start a temporary server with Python, by using:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Is there a way to do this for PHP and Apache? e.g. one command which will serve the current folder as the localhost? On Mac.

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Since Apache is a webserver, all you need to do is start the Apache service and you're good to go so this question is a bit vague considering Apache is a one-liner all on it's own, however you can't do more than start the service :) – Torxed May 11 '13 at 15:04
@Torxed there are many, many issues/annoyances with having to store server files in a different location to your working directory – iono Oct 15 '14 at 5:24
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You can start PHP development server in versions 5.4 and above with:

php -S localhost:8008

I don't think Apache supports anything similar (being itself a web server), but PHP dev server is enough for testing scripts, including serving static contents.

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PHP 5.4 added a simple web server to the PHP cli. You can start it with php -S <addr>:<port> it will serve the current directory on address <addr> over port <port>

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