I am new to Windows 8 development, my question is: how do I use C# Singleton in Javascript app? I am using the Static Initialization (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff650316.aspx) in my C# class. MyClass.Instance (which returns the singleton instance) is undefined when I call it in Javascript. Thanks.

EDIT: I have a C# class which is Singleton, and I am trying to use it with my Javascript Windows 8 App, I am not trying to implement Singleton in Javascript.


Language projection will slightly change the name of properties to conform to the patterns used in the consuming language. So when you define a property MyClass::Instance in C#, you should have MyClass.instance (lowercase 'i') in JavaScript.

Also, you can browse the available functions and properties in the JavaScript debugger (using Shift+F9 and entering "MyClass" for example is one way).

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