How can i send a sendmessage & postmessage from nt service to an application which launched in a remote desktop session? currently i temporarily solved this problem via udp communications between applications.

  • If you don't want to use TCP/IP, named pipes are easy.
    – Warren P
    May 12, 2013 at 2:15

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You cannot send messages across session boundaries. So you need an IPC solution like TCP/IP, sockets, named pipes etc.


Make a program that does a sendmessage/postmessage:

program sendit; uses converters; begin exitcode:=sendmessage(covert1(paramstr(1)),convert2( .... etc end.

Then run it in the right session with CreateProcessAsUser. You can wait (WaitForSingleObject) for the program to exit, at which point the sendmessage completed. It's very slow though :).

You can also go with pipes/IPC, but you can still launch the "server" using CreateProcessAsUser. Use Jwa for getting tokens and such.

And use better names than I just did :).


Use the WTSSendMessage api: Displays a message box on the client desktop of a specified Remote Desktop Services session.


Or use the Jedi Windows Security library which wraps this in nice delphi like objects

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