I want to resize the default clear button of UITextField. After I googled a lot, I came to know there is no way to modify it.

So I decided to go with Custom option ie, by adding UIButton to text field.I found some code from S.O, but nothing works for me. These are the links which I referred.

So please suggest some solution which behaves exactly as default clear button of UITextField

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


In addition to the jake9115 response, you can emulate the clearbutton behavior by using the UITextFieldDelegate callbacks.

You can try in this way:
Show the button when -textFieldDidBeginEditing: is called
Hide the button when -textFieldDidEndEditing: is called
Hide the button if in -(BOOL)textFieldShouldClear:(UITextField*)textField the length of the textField's text is 0.


Why not just make a button that sets the TextView's value to ""?

- (IBAction)button:(id)sender {
_myTextView.text = "";
  • But I want the button to behave exactly how default clear button works.It should appear once user start typing and disappear after clearing. – NSUserDefault May 12 '13 at 5:28

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