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Is it possible to set up mirrored queues on different broker instances, residing on different machines? If so, how?

If not, what component(s) might I need to subclass/override to do something homegrown?

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I think this question shows research (find any other article on the internet that addresses configuring ActiveMQ mirrored brokers on different machines!), is constructive and is helpful. It is definitely a "real question" and a definitive answer for it would help out a lot of current and future ActiveMQ users. Please let me know what the reason for the closevote was. – IAmYourFaja May 12 '13 at 21:54
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Not really sure whay your incentive is for this setup.

If you have multiple brokers in a network, you can't really tell which machine a certain message is on (since it's forwarded to the broker where there is a connected consumer).

If all you need is wiretapping to a totally different ActiveMQ server, you can use Apache Camel for that (it's included in ActiveMQ).

You just need to configure a connector to each ActiveMQ instance. Actually, in a response to another question, I wrote a small Camel route that copies messages from every queue starting with FOO. to another queue with the name COPY.<queue name>. It might be useful in this case too.

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