This topic is nice, but instead of placing special tag comments everywhere, I look for a solution about jQuery code, more specifically the $ character. Eclipse formatter does not seem to recognize


and transforms it like this:


Any clues other than changing all $ to jQuery?

edit: I cannot find a minimal example... it seems to happen only on very big functions, with some big comments

Top of one of these big functions

function loadDataArt(id) {
    $.each(id, function(index) {

Is transformed into:

function loadDataArt(id) {
            function(index) {

Tabulations? I'll try to find out more info -_-

edit2: disabling line wrap was the solution.

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This may be caused by the width of the line. Try changing the amount of characters in a line in Eclipse, it still defaults to 80 which is a throw back to punch card days.

  1. Windows > Preferences > Javascript > Code Style > Formatter > Edit

  2. Change the profile name so it is not the built in Profile

  3. Click the Line Wrapping Tab

  4. Set the Max Line Width

enter image description here

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    You were right, disabling line wrap did the thing! It happens that I needed more than 250 chars/line... Many thanks! May 12, 2013 at 17:11

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