I am having problems getting ALL of the information that is downloaded to a browser. For example, I want a plugin, ideally a firefox plugin to download the HTML content and monitor when I get a 302 redirect, and all header information.

So far, use Live HTTP Headers and Firebug. Both are fine.

With Live HTTP headers, I can't monitor the data that is downloaded (e.g. the html data) Firebug is worse, because I can't monitor the headers and I can't monitor the full requests. For example, Firebug won't show you all of the content that is downloaded, just the last set of requests. E.g. redirects will clear the Firebug net monitoring.

I am on win32


Try Tamper data firefox add-on, an extension to track and modify http/https requests.

You can find a nice tutorial here.

Firebug + Tamper Data is the best couple of firefox tools I cannot live without.

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    Perfect solution. Thanks a lot. It does have a bug though. It doesn't download the content for javascript client side redirects. E.g. I get a -1 error for body onload=document.location=url.com It won't download that content. But that is OK. – Berlin Brown Oct 30 '09 at 17:49
  • say, not available – Rishabh Agrahari Jan 9 at 14:26

I could find all requests with all info and redirects without installing anything. Check Web Console in Tools -> Web Developer.

  • Be sure that Log and XHR are checked on the Net dropdown to get this functionality. – Alex S Aug 13 '17 at 16:16

Have you looked at Fiddler?


While not a firefox plugin, Ethereal is great. Start it up and do your browsing as usual.


Ethereal (wireshark) is nice, but also complicated. Last I used it with HTTP, it didn't support decoding of HTTPS (secure) packets, though that may have changed. There are actually ton's out there now, but I personally like / use HTTPFox [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6647/].

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    It's never going to support decoding of HTTPS doing what it does, which is capture packets on the wire between your browser and the server. HTTPS content is encrypted specifically to avoid such capturing and decoding. – interfect Oct 14 '14 at 21:46

An HTTP monitor and analyzer addon for Firefox

HttpFox Firefox Plugin


Outdated accepted answer,

use firebug then select Net > All > POST > you'll be able to see the parameters there.

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