I am trying to make the labels on the x-axis two lined but its cut off. Here is my code

<!DOCTYPE html >
        <script src="RGraph.common.core.js" ></script>
        <script src="RGraph.line.js" ></script>
        <canvas id="cvs" width="320" height="320">[No canvas support]</canvas>
        window.onload = function ()
            var line = new RGraph.Line('cvs', [0,52,90,86,86,75,75,75,75,75,60,60,60,60,60,60,100,95,53,53]);

This is how it looks like

enter image description here

I already played around with the canvas height but it does not change it.


Increase the chart.gutter.bottom setting. It defaults to 25 - so set it to 35 or 40.

  • Thank you very much. Added line.Set('chart.gutter.bottom',35); before Line.Draw(); and it worked. Want to impress that I feel very honoured to get the answer right from the author of RGraph. Which is by the way a very easy to use tool. I use it inside my iPhone App with an embedded browser after I got frustrated for a while with existing native libraries. – hol May 13 '13 at 19:23
  • Could you make labels on X axis two lined using CanvasJS Charts ? – weelDaw Sep 19 '14 at 2:28

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