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I'm running an opencv project in Visual Studios 2010 and have implemented cuda support (refer to my previous question for precise info on my set-up). All cuda-functionalities are working fine - to the best of my knowledge - and are indeed improving speed on the image processing.

However, I now also wanted to attemp to speed up the video-writing function in this project by replacing the current cv::VideoWriter with the gpu::VideoWriter_GPU function. The reason for this is that the cv::VideoWriter seems to somehow cause processes running outside of the scope in which the VideoWriter is called to be slowed down, resulting in images available at the DirectShow driver being dropped by the VideoCapture-function, hence messing up an algorithm I've implemented.


To attempt to solve this issue, I've now replaced the VideoWriter-calls with VideoWriter_GPU-functionality (and corresponding syntax), but when I run my project (Compile & Run in Debug-mode), I get the following error-message (directly originating atthe calling of gpu::VideoWriter_GPU):

OpenCv Error: The function/feature is not implemented (The called functionality 
is disabled for current build or platform) in unknown function, file 
c:slave\builds\wininstallermegapack\opencv\modules\gpu\src\precomp.hpp, line 131.

and the program then ends with

   code -529697949 (0xe06d7363)

I've purposely currently not included any of my code because the error-message originates so clearly from the call to the gpu::VideoWriter_GPU, which is making me think it's not a coding or syntax problem. (Please comment if you feel my code is necessary for answering this question.

My steps so far

I miss the natural gift of understanding what precisely this message means or how to interpret it. Does my opencv v2.4.4 simply not support what I want...? Does this function simply not work on my windows 7, 64bit system...?

I've checked out as many available google-hits I could find (relating to this error message and combinations of searchterms like "opencv, gpu, VideoWriter_GPU, disabled for current build") but have not understood what the problem is or how to solve it.

Corresponding header-file and error message can also be found here.

This post and this post suggest the error message is trying to tell me that opencv simply does not provide the option of using the function or functionality I am aiming to use. Or maybe even that cuda is not at all supported.. But that's all against my experience as every single opencv gpu-function I've tried to use has seemed to work fine.


Could someone please explain to me why this is not working for me, and more importantly share with me what I should do to make the VideoWriter_GPU work?

Many thanks!

  • Should you ask this of the OpenCV developers or whomever built the binary distribution you are using? – talonmies May 13 '13 at 10:02
  • I am sorry @talonmies, but I do not understand your comment ... Are you trying to tell me I shouldn't be asking this question here? – johnalexander May 13 '13 at 12:24
  • Perhaps it has something to do with 64 bits indeed. When building openCV with Cmake do you see if CUDA is switched on? – diip_thomas May 22 '13 at 6:43

Maybe this link can give you a little idea of what the problem is: VideoReader_GPU not available, but built with NVCUVID?. It seems to be that the problem is the CUDA_DISABLER var.

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