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Ok, I'm gonna explain the environment so you can understand my problem.

  1. I'm using IBM Data Studio to connect and edit my DB2 database which is named [dgsmdb]

  2. I connect to the database using the username: dgsmadm & password: password

  3. I created a schema named: [LOGICGATES]

  4. Inside the schema, I have three tables which one is named: [GATEDETAILS]

Now, when I invoke the GATEDETAILS table inside the LOGICGATES schema using my stored procedure which looks like this:


I'm encountering a problem which says: ["LOGICGATES.GATEDETAILS" is an undefined name. SQLERROR=42704], in which I know that it practically says (in my own understanding) that the table GATEDETAILS is not present in the database. This is really bugging me because it is clear to me that I created the GATEDETAILS table in the LOGICGATES schema successfully. I've been checking this for hours and I still can't find my mistake. I admit that I'm not that good and there is some mistake that I'm somewhat overlooking so I would like to ask for help with this. Whoever out there who can correct my mistake, you're my last hope, I really need this.

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Check and provide the select privilage (and other privilages also if necessary) on this table for your working user/schema dgsmadm. – pratik garg May 13 '13 at 13:04
thank you for the suggestion, and I've done what you said, but I'm still suffering from the same problem... – Malice Sloth May 13 '13 at 13:23

How did you create your table? Did you put the schema before the table?

create table LOGICGATES.GATEDETAILS (col1 type, ...)

Or you just create the schema and then the tables

create schema LOGICGATES;
create table GATEDETAILS (col1 type, ...)

If you created the tables in like this second way, your table will be named dgsmadm.GATEDETAILS because of the implicit schema.

Take a look at the catalog

select tabschema, tabname from syscat.tables where tabschema not like 'SYS%'
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thank you sir, I got an idea with what you said and thankfully I successfully solved the problem with your help – Malice Sloth May 14 '13 at 5:21

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