any way to use che InsertHTML CKeditor API to add HTML elements to a div using the inline mode?

I'm trying to solve e huge problem: I want to use the editor to design a page with some templates. If I use the standard CKEditor templates and I create a two column layout with nested div when i delete the placeholder text in one div the editor destroy the div and my layout is totally broken.

So I need to create a layout system where the structure is not editable and the nested div and paragraph are editable.

If I create something like this

<div contenteditable="false" class="grid_12">
<p contenteditable="true">blablabla</p>

insertHTML is not working, maybe ckeditor cannot recognize the nested contenteditable.

So I think that I can use the Inline Editing mode to edit my template mantaining the structure, but I don't know if in Inline Editing Mode I can add some external HTML snippets with InsertHTML Api.

I need this function because I insert every media object with this function!

Can anyone help me?

  • did you solved this? – Suhayb Jan 30 '17 at 11:06

You're probably waiting for widgets feature that will be in CKEditor 4.2. At the moment what you want to do isn't supported by CKEditor.

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