I am using Google Apps Script to create apps. I encounter issue when I try to remove whitespaces from my spreadsheet value. I have referred alot of posts & comments in stackoverflow and other forum too. They are all talking about using .replace method. However, .replace method does not work for me.

var ItemArray = <<getValue from google spreadsheet>>
var tValue = ItemArray[0][2].toString();

for (var row = 0; row<ItemArray.length; row++)
   var TrimmedStrA = ItemArray[row][2].toString().replace(' ', '');
   var TrimmedStrB = tValue.replace(' ', '');

   if (TrimmedStrA == TrimmedStrB)
      <<other code>>

   } //end if
} //end of loop
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    This is not trimming. Trim is meant to remove whitespaces from the sides up to the nearest non-whitespace character; not from the entire string. – caiosm1005 Apr 8 '14 at 22:58

A simple RegExp object should be used in the replace() method. \s is a simple solution to find whitespace. The 'g' provides a global match for instances of whitespace.

t.Value.replace(/\s/g, "") 

This will get you pretty close without knowing what your data looks like.

.replace() documentation here.

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