I am referencing this d3 example of Stacked Bar Chart and try to implement in jsfiddle1

I want to add this example into jsfiddle, I have added 5 external source alone with source csv file but i got no output.

Here is my jsfiddle2

Can anyone help on this what I need to add there.


The problem is that you have to embed the csv data in a different way, since it can neither be included into the fiddle like a js/css, nor requested from within javascript, because of browser restrictions.

You can for example include it in the HTML part of the fiddle:

<pre id="csvdata">

I updated your fiddle, it is working now.

  • thanx a lot @ValarDohaeris its working..... one small request .... can I print all values on every stacked layout? – goldenbutter May 15 '13 at 7:09

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