I'am developing a android application in Visual Studio and the Xamarin c# monodroid development tools. I have some external JAR files that i embed into my projects. Most of the project work fine but when i try to embed the JAR from Yocto (yocto android lib) and place the YoctoAPI.jar into a new android project and link it as "EmbeddedJar" the compiler fails with the exception "generator.exe" exited with code -1073741819. This is a NULL pointer exception in the generator and searching the net i found some people who have the same problem and tells me that obfuscated code is not supported (that i understand). But how can i find the obfuscated code in the JAR file? Or is there a other problem that i'am not seeing.

If i need to post more project settings or envirioment/system parameters, please let me know

  • I am also facing same kind of issue. I have added one aar file which has some java based jar and some kotlin based. Getting “generator.exe” exited with code “-1073741819”
    – Manish
    Jun 18, 2019 at 11:39

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Such issues with Visual Studio can be fixed by repairing it.

You need to repair Visual Studio. Go to Control Panel -> Programs. Then select your version of Visual Studio you are using and press "Change"(or right click it and press "Change"). When the setup appears, click "Repair".


I got same error while create binding project, in my case the problem is in resource file, you need to add the jar file and resource file like,

enter image description here

bin - contains all jar files,

res - contains all resource files,

and add the compressed 'bin' folder in your project and build works fine.

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